Just some pre-op thoughts while I wait for an operating room…and my surgeon to sober up.

I’m kidding, they probably have a couple OR’s open.


You know, Texas has some of the most beautiful nurses…that’s not just the Dilaudid talking. I believe, in fact, ACC, UT Texas & Texas State have nursing programs with this hospital…and that’s just to name a few schools. Okay, so, yea, I’m pushing 30.. But I only look 25. (Not as good as it sounds..but it doesn’t sound that good either, come to think of it.)

::Clears Throat::

I should probably just try to talk to one of these pretty young doctors & stop having to pretend to be sick to see her right…
Maybe I’ll just stick with the surgery. That might be easier. : P
Yes, I’ve got jokes. That one just kills ’em in the OR.


Love from Crohn’s Anonymous,

  • J. L. 


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