Pre-Op Thoughts: Not All Bad…

Just some pre-op thoughts while I wait for an operating room…and my surgeon to sober up.

I’m kidding, they probably have a couple OR’s open.


You know, Texas has some of the most beautiful nurses…that’s not just the Dilaudid talking. I believe, in fact, ACC, UT Texas & Texas State have nursing programs with this hospital…and that’s just to name a few schools. Okay, so, yea, I’m pushing 30.. But I only look 25. (Not as good as it sounds..but it doesn’t sound that good either, come to think of it.)

::Clears Throat::

I should probably just try to talk to one of these pretty young doctors & stop having to pretend to be sick to see her right…
Maybe I’ll just stick with the surgery. That might be easier. : P
Yes, I’ve got jokes. That one just kills ’em in the OR.


Love from Crohn’s Anonymous,

  • J. L. 



Back Agaainn!

This morning, I woke up to a startling realization: I was back in the hospital.


Yup. Turns out that 20+ admissions since 2007 for incision & drainage of abscess, multiple abscess, fistulotomy’s are not the end of the line on this Crohn’s crazy train. Not to speak of the two small bowel resections in 2004 and spring of 2016.

So, hopefully, you’ll keep reading articles like these and find some sort of comfort in my pain, or, perhaps if nothing else, just maybe,some (extra) courage.

Keep on goin’ & doin’ the best you can.


—for Crohn’s Anonymous, thanks for reading

  • J. L. 


Post Script: Remember you may have Crohn’s disease, but Crohn’s disease doesn’t have you, until you let it. You are so much more than CD, IBS, UC or whatever inflammatory bowel disease you may be dealing with.